Stedin is a big company with 1500 employees. In 2012 they moved to a new office. As well as many other big companies in the Netherlands, Stedin will apply 'Flexible Working' in the new building. Therefore they asked us to develop an internal campaign to explain the employees what it meens and how it works.
Campaign: 'Neem plaats' (translation: 'Take a seat') We made a booklet with al the different workspaces (to sit at). We also made a website (and mobile version) where the employees can select an icon of choice and the website will tell them which workspace will fit the best. At the first day at the new building every employee received a goodie-bag with the booklet and small office supllies.
Campaign title (Translation: 'Take a seat... at your workspace of 13,356 square meters at Blaak 8)
A few examples of the created icons
Booklet with an expample of a workspace
Website - Desktop and mobile version
Homepage with the 16 different workspaces
The results when the user selects 2 filteroptions
Detailpage of a workspace with info about it and map to find it. You can even book the workspace (if available)
Client: Stedin
Agency: wijZE
Personal role: Graphic Design, Icon Design, Web / Interactive Design
Web development: wijZE
Year: 2012

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