Fourleaf NL portfolio

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Engie Infographic Posters
Bow-Tie Friday
DSM Supercoatings website redesign
Campagne en identiteit renovatie Maastunnel
Mobility Matters Event
Logofolio 2016 | Fourleaf NL
Engie FISS Brand identity
Logo Design Rotterdam Inductieladen
Supersterke Rekenaars | The UI/UX Case
Supersterke Rekenaars | The Animation Case
Ad Campaign Ice Track Rotterdam
Famous Quote Posters | FREE DOWNLOAD - Responsive product page
Marathon Rotterdam 2016 - You'll never ☁️ alone!
The ones that didn't make it...
GCCS2015 Identity - launch campaign
HVC corporate website
Bente bij de les - identity
Box responsive website / shop
Joulz corporate animation video
Robeco 3D Origami
The world of Intersnack - corporate film
Red Cross App campaign
Stedin online diving contest
Snowlys snowboard team outfit
Saxion teacher recruitment
Robeco WIF 2013
The Baking of
Timeff identity and website
Calvé 'flirting'
The new Robeco
Hugo espressobar
Police volunteers campaign
Creativity tool on Facebook
Stedin internal campaign
Spinoza real estate project
Webdesign 2011
Direct mail with movie
Ikazia annual report movie
Ikazia hospital Rotterdam - corporate campaign concepts
XIPHERS' Visual Identity
XIPHERS 'A day at the office'
Holland corporate identity
Artwork for a classical music performance
Webdesign 2010
XIPHERS corporate campaign
XIPHERS product brochure
XIPHERS Interface design
Direct Mail
Website for art-project
Random creations
Car brochures
Ads Daihatsu
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